Montreal Teachers Association
4260 Girouard Avenue
Suite 200
Montréal, QC H4A 3C9

Tel: 514 487-4580
Fax: 514 487-1678

About Us

The Montreal Teachers Association (MTA) is the union representing all teachers working for the English Montreal School Board.

The MTA has been in existence since March 31, 1966, when two separate organizations, one for men and one for women, merged to form the MTA. At that time, the MTA represented teachers in the employ of the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal (PSBGM).

In July of 1998, linguistic school boards replaced the previous confessional school boards, and on January 15, 1999, the MTA officially became the union representing all teachers in the English Montreal School Board (EMSB).

Who Belongs to the MTA?

There are about 2300 members in the MTA, taking into account teachers in elementary and secondary schools, adult and vocational education centres, Social Affairs institutions, the Outreach network of alternative schools, and our very important group of substitute teachers.

We are the largest local union in the Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers (QPAT), a federation that represents all the teachers working in English school boards in Quebec as well as teachers in the Lower North Shore.

Who Works in the MTA Office?

Peter S

In the MTA Office, you can reach our full-time President, Peter Sutherland (, as well as two full-time professional staff members, Lori Newton ( and Nadia Greco (

Peter is responsible for the political life of the union, and he is also the main spokesperson for MTA, in relation to MTA members, the EMSB, our provincial association QPAT, and the media. When there are local negotiations to conduct with the EMSB, he is the Chief Negotiator for the MTA.

Lori and Nadia both answer many general questions, but Nadia specializes in issues relating to the assignment and transfer of teachers, school council, the hiring of new teachers and teachers on the priority list, and the professional improvement of teachers. Lori's specialties include the adult and vocational education sectors, grievance matters, pension questions, as well as maternity leave issues.


The MTA Staff also consists of Valentina De Castris, our very friendly receptionist who also prepares our mailings to schools and centres, Marie-Claude Aubert, who takes care of our financial affairs and energetically and efficiently organizes all our special events, and Sandra Rivest, our excellent translator who also takes minutes at our Reps Assemblies.

Call the MTA at 514 487-4580

If you call the MTA Office, you will discover that we do not use voice mail, and only use an answering machine when the office is closed. We like to have a real live person answer the telephone, someone who will be able to help you, direct your call appropriately, and deal with an emergency if one crops up. Don't be surprised if your voice is recognized if you call more than once - we like to get to know you!

Welcome to the MTA, where serving our membership well is at the heart of our union.