Montreal Teachers Association
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Site Map

About us - The Montreal Teachers Association (MTA) is the union representing all teachers working for the English Montreal School Board.

Executive - The members of the MTA Executive are elected on an annual basis. Other than the full-time MTA President, Peter Sutherland, the members of the Executive are all full-time teachers who work on a voluntary basis for the union.

Our Reps - Each school or centre is entitled to elect an MTA Representative for the first 20 members in active service, as well as an additional MTA Rep for each major fraction of twenty members after that.

Meetings - There are meetings planned every month.

News - Find out the latest news from the MTA.

Documents - Looking for a copy of the "Teacher Handbook"? Download the document in PDF format right here.

FAQ - Here are a few answers to very common questions. Feel free to write with your suggestions for additional information.

Links - A few useful links to online resources and various similar organizations.