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The Montreal Teachers Association (MTA) is the union representing all teachers working for the English Montreal School Board.

The MTA’s goal is to achieve unity within diversity, in order to protect the professional, economic, and social welfare of its members, and to encourage their professional development. We aim to be both a constructive force as well as an initiator of improvements in education.

We invite you to use our website to learn about your rights as a teacher, and find answers to many questions you may have.

Teacher’s Agreements

The Local Agreement

Local Collective Agreement and Arrangements between the English Montreal School Board and the Montreal Teacher’s Association.

The Provincial Agreement

Entente concluded between on the one hand, The Management Negotiating Committee for English-language School Boards (CPNCA) and on the other hand, The Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers (QPAT) on behalf of the teachers’ unions which it represents.

Teacher’s Handbooks

Reps Handbook

MTA Representatives Handbook, which contains useful information for teachers on a wide range of topics.

New Teachers Handbook

A handbook created to help and support new teachers who are beginning their career at the English Montreal School Board.

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