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About the MTA

About the MTA

The MTA Offices are located on the traditional and unsurrendered territories of the Kanien’kehà:ka Nation. We recognize this Nation as the custodian of the lands and waters on which we gather today. We respect and affirm the inherent and Treaty rights of all Indigenous Peoples.

Who Belongs to the MTA

The Montreal Teachers Association (MTA) is the union representing all teachers working for the English Montreal School Board.

The MTA has been in existence since March 31, 1966, when two separate organizations, one for men and one for women, merged to form the MTA. At that time, the MTA represented teachers in the employ of the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal (PSBGM).

In July of 1998, linguistic school boards replaced the previous confessional school boards, and on January 15, 1999, the MTA officially became the union representing all teachers in the English Montreal School Board (EMSB).


Lori Newton

Peter Sutherland

Nadia Greco

In the MTA Office, you can reach our full-time President, Lori Newton, as well as two full-time professional staff members, Peter Sutherland and Nadia Greco.

Lori is responsible for the political life of the union, and she is also the main spokesperson for MTA, in relation to MTA members, the EMSB, our provincial association QPAT, and the media. When there are local negotiations to conduct with the EMSB, she is the Chief Negotiator for the MTA.

Peter and Nadia both answer many general questions, but Nadia specializes in issues relating to the assignment and transfer of teachers, school council, the hiring of new teachers and teachers on the priority list, and the professional improvement of teachers. Peter’s specialties include the adult and vocational education sectors, grievance matters, pension questions, as well as parental and maternity rights.

Valentina De Castris

Sandra Rivest

Sylvain Mercier

The MTA Staff also consists of Valentina De Castris and Sandra Rivest who take care of the daily operations of the office, and Sylvain Mercier, who takes care of our bookkeeping.

Executive Committee

The members of the MTA Executive are elected every two years. Other than the full-time MTA President, Lori Newton, the members of the Executive are all full-time teachers who work on a voluntary basis for the union. The MTA Executive usually meets once every two weeks, generally after school, to conduct the business of the Association.

Lori Newton


Andrew Adams

Secondary Vice-President, Teacher, LaurenHill Academy - Junior Campus

Michael L’Altrella

Elementary Vice-President, Teacher, Michelangelo School

Domenico Di Santo

Adult Ed. & Voc. Training
Vice-President, Teacher,
Laurier Macdonald Vocational Centre

Gail Bernstein

General Chairperson, Teacher, LINKS High School

Christopher Hammock

Treasurer, Teacher,
James Lyng Adult Centre

Samantha Colatriano

Secretary, Teacher, Mackay Centre

Michael Gagliano

Member-at-Large, Teacher, Lester B. Pearson High School

Kathleen Usher

Member-at-Large, Teacher, Willingdon School


One of the strengths of the MTA is our network of MTA Reps, who serve as the link between the MTA and our schools and centres. Each school or centre is entitled to elect an MTA Representative for the first twenty (or fraction of twenty) members in active service, as well as an additional MTA Rep for each major fraction of twenty members after that.

MTA Reps usually meet with the MTA Executive and Staff about once a month to discuss issues of importance and make policy decisions for the MTA. They consult with their staffs prior to meetings, and report back afterwards. The following teachers are serving as MTA Reps for the present school year:

Elementary Schools

Donna Friedman-PerlinBancroft
Carol-Ann Santella
Alexia ChechileCedarcrest
Shelly SharpCoronation
Katia LyngDalkeith
Isabella Pasqualini Dante
Lise ParadisDunrae Gardens
Sabrina Ficca & Luciana ClarizioEast Hill
Jean-Michel BrunetEdinburgh
Sandra Greco
Edward Murphy
Rosalba Servello
Elizabeth Ballantyne
Theodora StathopoulosFACE
Vicky Lopez & Paul Hammett
Karine Gomes-SilvaGerald McShane
Angela TriassiHonoré Mercier
Martine BrosseauJohn Caboto
Anita Stante & Melissa VilleneuveLeonardo da Vinci Academy
Georgia Gotsis Merton
Nadia SomigliMichelangelo
Alessia StillitanoNesbitt
Ralia KoutsogiannopoulosOur Lady of Pompei
Hajra NawazParkdale
Michelle Santilli & Connie VitalePierre de Coubertin
Patty FoschiPierre E. Trudeau
Diane Biard-Goble & Anabel FournierRoslyn
Aaron ProsserRoyal Vale
Sinclair Laird
Alison PrendergastSt. Gabriel
Sandra BanonSt. Monica
St. Raphael
Suzanne Drouin & David WeissWestmount Park
Kathleen Usher Willingdon

Secondary Schools

Theodora Stathopoulos FACE
Skylar Adams Focus
Matthew MaxhamJames Lyng
Nathalie CloutierJohn F. Kennedy
Anthony Fowler John Grant
Roch Brochu & Michael Strauss LaurenHill Senior
Florbela Almeida LaurenHill Junior
Micheline Castonguay & Joanna Kim-DussaultLaurier Macdonald
Frank Dimora, Paul Karpontinis & Michael GaglianoLester B. Pearson
Ann BraceL.I.N.K.S.
Stacey Blumer & Alessandra MartocciaMarymount
Nicolas WilliamsOptions
Dino DafniotisOutreach
Melissa Modica Perspectives I
Perspectives II
Jessica HandProgramme Mile End
Naomi GibbsRosemount
Sheila Cherenfant-SturgeRoyal Vale
Royal West
Justin Rapa & Lev Berner Vincent Massey
Robert Lavoie, Robert Green & Sabrina JafralieWestmount

Social Affairs Institutions

Cité des Prairies
Tara RutledgeElizabeth High
Samantha ColatrianoMackay Centre
Peter TsatoumasMontreal Children’s
Meaghan LauriePhilip E. Layton
Maria Donato Shriners Hospital
Mortimer B. Davis

Adult Education

Santina Miceli & Vera TroncaGalileo A.C.
Donovan KingHigh School of Montreal
Christopher HammockJames Lyng A.C. (sac)
Ann Fairhurst-Lozyk
James Lyng A.C. (basic)
Ziauddin Syed JFK Adult Education Centre
Marcelo CesarSt. Laurent A.C.
Rosabel Herscovitch, Heather Payne & Jill Fequet Wagar A.C.

Vocational Centres

Laurier Macdonald Vocational Centre
Pavlo Kimakovsky & Paul DiogoRosemount Technology Centre
Ginette Izard & Debbie JamesShadd Health & Business Centre
Aleksandra FaniSt. Pius X Career Centre

Internal MTA Committees

Adult Education*

Ann Fairhurst-LozykJames Lyng A.C. (basic)
Christopher HammockJames Lyng A.C. (sac)
Rosabel HerscovitchWagar A.C.
Donovan KingHigh School of Montreal
Lori NewtonMTA
Allan ShortSt. Laurent A.C./MTA Adult & Voc. Education Vice-President (Chair)
Peter SutherlandMTA
Giovanna VaccaroGalileo

Finance & Budget*

Roch BrochuLaurenHill Academy
Jennifer LacroixPierre Elliott Trudeau/MTA Treasurer (Chair)
Robert LavoieWestmount H.S.
Lori NewtonMTA
Joseph RainoneRosemount Technology Centre
Peter SutherlandMTA

Vocational Training*

Domenico Di SantoLaurier Macdonald Vocational Centre/MTA Member-at-large
Aleksandra Fani St. Pius X Career Centre
Tanya Gualtieri Shadd Health and Business Centre
Gena Kona-Mancini Shadd Health and Business Centre
Lori Newton MTA
Joseph Rainone Rosemount Technology Centre
Allan ShortSt. Laurent A.C./MTA Adult & Voc. Education Vice-President (Chair)
Peter SutherlandMTA


Cristina AlmeidaRoyal West Academy
Jean-Michel BrunetEdinburgh
Gail BernsteinLINKS/MTA General Chairperson (Chair)
Tatiana Lednow John Grant

MTA-EMSB Committees

Educational Policies (EPC)

Andrew AdamsLaurenHill Annex/MTA Secondary Vice-President
Domenico Di SantoLaurier Macdonald Voc./MTA Member-at-Large
Lori NewtonMTA (Secretary)
Allan ShortSt. Laurent A.C./MTA Adult & Vocational Education Vice-President
Peter SutherlandMTA
Kathleen UsherWillingdon
Rosalba ServelloElizabeth Ballantyne (alternate)

Professional Improvement (PIC)

Sabrina FiccaEast Hill
Nadia GrecoMTA (Secretary)
Amy KarawiMarymount Academy
Bryan PerlmanElizabeth Ballantyne
Jody WilsonElizabeth Ballantyne/MTA Elementary Vice-President
Donna Friedman-PerlinBancroft (alternate)
Nadine RandollEast Hill (alternate)
Rosalba ServelloElizabeth Ballantyne (alternate)

Support our Rookie Teachers (SORT) (PIC Sub-committee)

Andrew AdamsLaurenHill Annex/MTA Secondary Vice-President
Donna Friedman-PerlinBancroft
Lori Newton MTA
Jake RobertsVezina
Sandy RoyRoyal West Academy
Tiffany TempletonWestmount Park
Hajra NawazParkdale (alternate)
David WeissWestmount Park (alternate)

Special Education (SEC)

Gail BernsteinLINKS/MTA General Chairperson
Lori NewtonMTA (secretary)
Nadine RandollEast Hill
Peter SutherlandMTA
Jody WilsonWestmount Park/MTA Elementary Vice-President
Stacey BlumerMarymount Academy (alternate)
Katrina LaudeWestmount Park (alternate)
Katia LyngDalkeith (alternate)
Jake RobertsVezina (alternate)

Adult Education EPC Sub-Committee

Ann Fairhurst-LozykJames Lyng A.C. (basic)
Christopher HammockJames Lyng A.C. (sac)
Lori NewtonMTA
Allan ShortSt. Laurent A.C./MTA Adult & Vocational Education Vice-President
Peter SutherlandMTA
Lea ZuravlyovJohn F. Kennedy A.C.

Vocational Training EPC Sub-Committee

Domenico Di SantoLaurier Macdonald Voc. Centre/MTA Member-at-large
Gena Kona-ManciniShadd Health & Business Centre
Lori Newton MTA
Joseph RainoneRosemount Tech.
Peter SutherlandMTA
*Please note that membership in the asterisked committees is the choice of the chairperson of the committee, by virtue of the MTA Constitution.