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Key guides and links to QPAT to help our teacher’s concerns, and careers.

Adult Education

Application Guide for the New Provisions Relating to the Teacher’s Workload and its Organization (Adult Education)

Adult Education Handbook

Adult Education and Vocational Training

Governing board in centers

Consultation and Committees

Summary of Committees

A Guide to School Council

Practical Guide on Governing Boards in Schools

Allocation of Resources Committee

Special Needs

Process To Request Support Services

ECAs and Value Added

Extra-Curricular Activities Compensation

Evaluation and Reporting

General Education in the Youth Sector

Annual Directives From The Minister

Standards and Procedures of Evaluation

Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers

Health and Safety

Incident or Accident Report Form (HS1)

Temporary Work Assignment Certificate (HS3)

Reimbursement of Transportation Expenses (HS6)

Notice of a Dangerous Situation (HS7)

Air Quality Problem Reporting Form (HS9)

I’m Pregnant: What Are the Next Steps?

I’m Victim of a Car Accident: What are the Next Steps?

Salary Insurance Procedure

What to do in the occurrence of a work accident?


QPAT Insurance Website

Industrielle Alliance

Summary of Dental, Health and Life Insurance

Insurance Enrolment or Modification Forms

Enrolment Request Active Members of QPAT

Dental Insurance Enrolment or Modification

Change Request Active Members of QPAT

Leave of Absence and Special Leave Days

Q&A on Leaves of Absence

Provisions on Special Leaves

Maternity Leave and Parental Rights

CNESST Preventative Leave Presentation

Summary of Parental Rights

Changes to Parental Rights

My Parental Rights and the QPIP

CNESST Certificate

Certificate for the Preventative Leave and Assignment of the Pregnant or Breastfeeding Worker (in French only)

New Teachers and Members

MTA New Teachers Handbook

QPAT New Teachers Handbook

Pension Plans and Retirement

QPAT Pension Plans Website

Basic Pension Information for QPAT Members

Application for a Retirement Pension


How Pension Integration Works at Age 65


The Government and Public Employees Retirement Plan

Professional Improvement

PIC Reimbursement How-To Guide

Summary of Professional Improvement System

Professional Improvement Committee Booklet

(Including application form)

Sick Leave and Salary Insurance

Summary of Sick Leave, Salary Insurance and LTD

Salary Insurance Procedure (document from the EMSB)

Salary Insurance: QPAT Website

Special Needs

Special Needs Reference Guide for Teachers

Rules Governing Students with Special Needs for 2022-2023

Staffing Process

Staffing Process

Priority of Employment List (Recall List)

Vocational Training

Application Guide for the New Provisions Relating to the Teacher’s Workload and its Organization (Vocational Training)

Teacher’s Workload and Its Distribution in Vocational Training

The Bachelor’s Degree in Vocational Training

Evaluation of Learning in Vocational Training

Adult Education and Vocational Training

What You Need to Know About Governing Boards in Centres

Working Conditions

Guide to the Application of the New Provisions Concerning the Teacher’s Workload and its Organization (Youth General Education)

New Workload Provisions as of 2022-2023

Class Sizes

Salary Scales

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